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Collingwood Veterinary Services Webstore

Proper and balanced nutrition is truly the strongest pillar of good health, and many conditions can be simply managed through providing a proper diet geared toward your pet's lifestage, body condition and health status. We realize there is ALOT of information out there on what to feed your pet.  We are here to help with your pet's dietary needs. We carry many many prescription diets on site but we offer a wider selection of prescription diets, as well treats, pet accessories and more through our online webstore.

CVS Webstore Advantages
  • Free and Easy Sign Up

  • Order 24/7

  • Home, Cottage or Chalet Delivery

  • Save money with auto-order (5% off Hills, Royal Canin & Purina Diets)

  • Shop where we shop

  • Wider selection of sizes and products

  • Faster delivery

  • Make your busy life easier!

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